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 We have had hundreds of people ask about IPTV in Portugal and the Algarve. We have managed to find an IPTV system perfectly suited to users here in Portugal. It features all the top options such as 40+ sports channels, 70,000+ movies and box sets - this system has HD streams for those with a good speed fibre internet connection and it also features a great selection of low speed channels (including low speed sports channels) which is great for the Algarve as many of us are still struggling on older MEO/NOS DSL broadband connections - if you experience a lot of channel buffering with your current IPTV provider then this is definitely worth a free trial on your existing system.

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Pay as You Go Portugal 4G 3G SIM Cards Portugal! If you are heading to the Algarve (or anywhere in Portugal) on holiday or a business trip and already have an unlocked 3G or 4G router or mobile internet MIFI device we can advise on the best Pay As You Go deal and best network for you and you can buy your SIMs from our online shop. We send SIMs directly from the UK via Royal Mail or from Portugal (to Europe and Worldwide) via registered post. Click here to purchase your SIM or contact us for more information..

4G/3G Routers and Antennas

Check out our selection of 4G and 3G internet wireless routers, aerials and equipment - specially selected to give you the best mobile internet performance in the Algarve.

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3G 4G Aerial Antenna - Buying Guide

All you need to know when selecting the right mobile internet antenna

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Antennas - How much difference do they make?

If you thought a 3G or 4G antenna is only useful if you live in the most rural places in the Algarve - think again. The mobile internet signals you receive on your 3G/4G router or USB dongle are delivered in a very different way to the widespread broadcast of radio and TV frequencies you are more familiar with. Even the most urban Algarve villa or apartment can benefit from a 4G antenna - click here to find out why.

4G Internet

4G (LTE) technology provides massively improved mobile internet download speeds/latency over previous mobile internet technologies - we can ensure you get the best equipment to get the fastest connection possible depending on your location in the Algarve.

Improve your internet speeds

Do you want to watch Television over the internet? You should ensure you have the best mobile internet connection possible - click here to read some of our case studies.

Slow Internet in the Algarve?

Click below to find out how to test your internet connection speed.

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Improve your existing 3G and 4G connections

Are you suffering from slow or unreliable mobile internet? Check out our online shop for a selection of aerials and antennas with free delivery to the Algarve!

Latest 4G & 3G Mobile Internet Tariffs

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Find out the latest 4G and 3G mobile internet deals from all the Portuguese network operators. For maximum data and the best discounts look for the contract deals (usually called Pós-pagosor similar). For those who need a Pay As You Go (PAYG) solution for a holiday home or a short break then check out the Pré-pagos offers.

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Mobile 4G Internet

Algarve Connect provide specialist 3G and 4G equipment and advice to Algarve residents and businesses. We stock 3G and 4G routers and specialist antennas to provide the fastest and most reliable internet possible.

We are able to recommend the best providers for your area/requirements and are authorised agents for MEO, NOS and Vodafone.pt - we can assist with all the paper work and answer your questions, or simply provide Pay as You Go SIMs for temporary internet access if your are on holiday or traveling in the Algarve. Click here for the latest mobile internet rates.