Portugal 4G 3G Mobile Internet SIM card - inc 30GB for 15 days!, Pay As You Go

Fastest 4G network - preloaded SIM with 30GB for 15 days!, Pay As You Go
portugal MEO 4g sim
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portugal MEO 4g sim
portugal MEO 4g sim


Updated JAN 2018 - UNFORTUNATELY OUT OF STOCK, check back soon

  • Portuguese Pay As You Go Mobile Internet SIM cell card for use on the MEO network.
  • 30GB for 15 days - (enough for over 43 films at 700MB each!!)
  • Pre-activated, just put it in your device, enter the PIN and you will be instantly connected
  • Portugal has a well developed 4G network - MEO is the best network especially during Summer and Peak Evening periods, other networks struggle.
  • Free, priority delivery to your door, ready for your trip.


*** Beware buying internet SIMs from virtual operators like Lyca mobile and other generic operators etc - you will not know which network the SIM will connect to when in Portugal - there are 3 Portuguese operators, MEO are good, Vodafone are OK (recently had to stop offering unlimited data deals as the IPTV usage was slowing the network down), NOS are not good (heavy contention, slow internet in evenings/peak times due to unlimited data IPTV users). Also some of the deals they offer may not be running when you eventually use your SIM - the seller will refund you of course but it's extra hassle you don't need on your holiday or business trip***


Preloaded with 30GB of data all you have to do is put it in your phone or mobile broadband router , enter the PIN, and you will be on the internet straight away. The card remains in it's preloaded state indefinitely so if you are planning a trip in a few months time and want to purchase now, this will not be a problem. The PIN (and PUK) are under a scratch-off panel on the SIM card holder.


MEO (Formerly Portugal Telecom), as a rule, have the fastest 4G network in Portugal, you will often see 20-30Mbps+ and, in the more popular towns 40-50Mbps+. They have the best network by far in heavy contention situations (like busy holiday periods). You can test the network coverage here: https://www.meo.pt/internet/internet-movel/cobertura


Ideal if you are planning a trip to Portugal and need internet in your smartphone, IPAD, mobile internet MIFI router or dongle. The SIM card is multi form factor, you just push out the correct sized SIM for your device - NANO (for all modern Apple devices), Micro and Full Sized SIM.


You will be highly unlikely to need any APN information to get your device onto the network (I have never needed any using hundreds of different devices) - but do make sure you completely clear any previously used APN info just in case. If you do need an APN then use:

APN: internet

leaving log-in credentials (username and password) blank.


This card comes pre-loaded with 30GB of data that will last 15 days from first use on the network - perfect for your holidays. This is a huge amount of data especially on a PAYG basis, for example O2 in the UK charge £1.99 a day for only 100MB of roaming data meaning you would pay £600 for the equivalent amount data!!!!!. This card comes with 30,720MB allowing you to connect all your devices and watch videos, download music and browse without worrying about racking up huge bills.


If you do need more data or for a longer period you can recharge as follows, (taken from https://www.meo.pt/internet/internet-movel/routers-tablets/pre-pagos):


It is very easy to top-up in Portugal, you can do it from any newsagent/supermarket, any mobile phone shop, from an ATM or via Portuguese online banking if you have it (all you need to know is the mobile phone number associated with the SIM which is written on the back of the packaging the number and will be something like 967xxxxxx)). If you cant be bothered to top up then just buy 2+ SIM cards!


You will receive a brand new pre-activated MEO Mobile Internet SIM card (Full Size SIM pops out to MicroSIM and NANO SIM), card holder with PIN/PUK codes, info card with details for topping up.


From first activation on the network the 30GB of data will last 15 days, if you don't top up after this the card will become deactivated after 90days without a top up.


Please note: this is a data sim (internet access) - you will not be able to use it to make or receive normal mobile voice calls (you could of course use VOIP/Skype or any internet based phone system). This card cannot be used for data outside of Portugal.


All orders will be sent priority mail from Portugal. Shipping times from the Portugal Post Office (Europe 3 days, Rest Of World 5 days - although i would add a couple of extra days just to be sure):

portugal internet SIM delivery