Welcome to the Algarve Connect Online Shop - supplying tried and tested 3G, 4G Mobile Internet and Wireless Equipment including routers, access points, wireless bridges, antennas and adapters all with FREE DELIVERY to the Algarve. You will also find our selection of access point, long range wireless and 4G equipment packages providing a complete solution to provide internet in remote locations or where a physical phone line is not available.

Algarve Connect also supply everything you need to operating a UK phone here in Portugal (or in fact anywhere in the world) - we can supply you with handsets (including cordless phones) and adapters to get your UK phone number connected over the internet. The can be provided with your UK phone account set up (no contract required) and the equipment pre-configured - all you have to do is plug it in to your existing internet router.


Our 3G and 4G internet packages present an excellent combination of tried and tested hardware to suit most installation scenarios. We have put together a number of excellent value packages incorporating 4G routers in combination with our best-selling 4G directional and onmi-directional antennas.

All our equipment will operate on both 3G and 4G networks - if you are tied into a 3G contract with your current service provider, or 4G is not yet available in your area, we believe it is best to purchase the most up-to-date technology ensuring your investment will give top performance in the future.

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4G Package Deals

4G LTE Router + Directional Antenna

D-Link 4G router and directional aerial package

Sales price: 369,00 €

4G LTE Router + OmniDirectional Antenna

D-Link 4G router and omni directional package

Sales price: 299,00 €