Setup your 3g/4g antenna with this useful app

How to set up your 3G /4G Aerial to point to the nearest/best Mobile Cell Tower in the Algarve, Portugal

If you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing a 4G or 3G antenna from Algarve Connect to improve your mobile broadband internet speed and reliability, you might find this little tool useful.

Installing your antenna so that it is pointing in the direction of the nearest mobile phone cell tower is especially important if you are using a directional or very high-gain 3G/4G aerial - normally used when your mobile broadband signal received in your property is low, not an uncommon occurrence for many of our customers in the rural Algarve.

If you have access to a Smart Phone, you will be able to download for free an app called OpenSignal to find out the direction of your nearest mobile internet cell tower.
Download the app and, using the Smart Phone's on-board antenna, OpenSignal will tell you the exact direction that the strongest signal is being received in. You can then mount your antenna pointing in this direction.

For our indoor and wall mountable mobile internet antennas, your should aim to position the aerial on a window/wall facing in the same direction as the cell phone detailed in the OpenSignal app.


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