If proof were needed about how out-of-date the broadcasting laws are in the UK (and probably worldwide) - it appears (via moneysavingexpert.com) that you don't need a TV license is you only watch catch up tv - the license technically covers watching a "live" broadcasted program. It doesnt matter what you watch UKTV on (TV, phone, tablet, laptop) or which channel (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Freeview channels etc) you need a license if you are watching or record a live broadcasted program but watching catch up TV = no licence required!

So if you only watch UKTV channels in the Algarve via IPlayer, 4OD and other catch up services - you dont technically need a TV license.

Watching Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime etc dont require a license as the programs dont appear on a TV channel at the same time you are watching - so technically if you watch a "live" broadcast programme on NowTV, you would need a license. Odd.

They'll probably change the law at some point in the near future but slowly but surely time is ticking for the BBC as we know it...