Supplying 4G and 3G Mobile Broadband solutions, Algarve Connect are giving Algarve residents, businesses and holidaymakers a viable alternative to a fixed line broadband connections. We are able to supply specialised mobile internet equipment to give you the best possible connection in even the most remote areas. No phone line installation required, no monthly line rental payments to Portugal Telecom and sufficient download/uploads speed available for even the most bandwidth hungry applications and streaming sites.

Mobile internet download/upload speeds may not live up to the headline "best case" scenario presented by Vodafone/TMN/Optimus but with Algarve Connect you will know you have the best possible service in your particular location.

Do you already have a mobile internet router/dongle? Not getting the speed of service you expected? Algarve Connect can supply specialist routers and discreet antennas that will massively outperform the equipment provided by the mobile phone operators.

A 3G or 4G router supplied from Algarve Connect is not tied to a specific mobile network operator (Vodafone Portugal, MEO, Kanguru etc) allowing you to shop around every year for the best mobile internet - currently most operators give you the first 6 months connection half price on a 12 month contract. If you buy their wireless router, no other operators SIM will work in that device as it is locked to a specific network. Our routers are unlocked allowing you to use any SIM card from any network - potentially saving you money every year!

In some parts of the Algarve even where a phone line is installed and a broadband (ADSL) connection is available, due to poor or overloaded infrastructure many residents and holiday homes will experience problems such as slow download speeds, disconnections and outages. Due to lack of investment in the fixed-line telecoms infrastructure in Portugal, many holidaymakers and residents report the internet speeds becoming unusable in the tourist-filled holiday months due to the increase number of internet users (known as contention). We have seen customers in the Algarve, who normally achieve a 2MBps download speed via Portugal Telecom, only manage "summer time" download bandwidth similar to the old dial up modem speed of 56Kbps. If this scenario sounds familiar then a 4G or 3G router from Algarve Connect may be a viable alternative for the same (or lower) monthly cost.

With the advances in 3G and 4G mobile broadband technologies, Algarve-Connect are able to provide enterprise-grade hardware to Algarve residents, businesses and holiday home owners who would not normally be able to access the internet due to remote location or not having a phone line installed. If you are seriously "out in the sticks" then your mobile internet connection speeds are not going to be lightning fast but we should certainly be able to provide a connection suitable for web browsing/skype/emails etc. We will never sell you equipment unsuitable/unusable for your location.