Algarve Mobile Internet Case Studies

We are currently testing a variety of new 4G technology in different areas in Algarve - we will be adding more Case Studies with equipment and location based specifics.


Do you currently have mobile internet provided by Vodafone Portugal, MEO (formerly TMN), Optimus (aka Kanguru) or WOW? Do you have an ADSL broadband fixed line internet connection from PT or SAPO?

If you currently have a mobile internet service in Portugal then take a look at our Case Studies of bandwidth improvement using internal and external antennas. Luckily, due to the competition between mobile internet ISPs in Portugal, customers on a 12 month contract are able to pay for relatively inexpensive contract with unlimited download limits. For a small investment in a suitable router and/or antenna from Algarve-Connect you may see your download/upload speeds improve considerably (see our Case Studies for a 12 times increase in mobile internet speed over conventional ADSL broadband), allowing you to fully utilise your mobile broadband connection and experience higher quality video/IPTV streaming, faster website refresh and quicker downloads all for the same monthly cost to your service provider!


Click on a link to see our various Case Studies below - more will be added so check back if you are interested!

slow algarve broadband case study