Internet for Holiday Homes

Holiday home owners in the Algarve - those who either rent out their property or not - often have specific requirements for internet not catered for by the mobile network operators here in Portugal. Algarve Connect can help with some unique products.

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Strong demand for internet from holidaymakers and wishing to stay in contact on holiday
An ever increasing number of Algarve holidaymakers look for rental property with internet access (its even the second most used search filter after "swimming pool" on the owners direct website) - soon, if not already, properties with the internet will start to miss out on bookings.

Even those who use their holiday home solely for their own use - staying in contact with work, friends and family might not the be "get away from it all" ideal but it is a reality of modern life. 10 years ago it may have been thought of as an intrusion, now it becomes inconvenient not have access to the information/contacts that can actually make our holidays better!

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Avoid 12 month line rental or 12 month contracts
To get a fixed broadband internet service in your property, you'll have to pay Portugal Telecom line rental every month - even when you are not using or renting out the property. Algarve Connect can offer 3G and 4G internet with only a monthly rolling contract - this includes unlimited traffic (subject to a fair usage policy depending on the network provider).

In addition, we can supply equipment that is not locked to a specific network provider leaving you free to choose the best deal whenever you come out to Portugal. When you are not here, you are not paying any line charges or contractual payment.


Properties with no phone line connected
Many rental or holiday properties do not have a phone line installed and getting one connected might prove costly or complicated - 3G or 4G mobile internet is available to all but the most remote properties in the Algarve. Plug you router into the power and you have internet access.


Poor fixed line infrastructure leading to slow and unreliable internet
You may currently have a fixed telephone and ADSL broadband service - do you find this service unreliable with frequent drops or slow connection speeds with no solution from Portugal Telecom? You are not alone. Theoretically a fixed line with DSL internet should be a very good internet connection however due to poor infrastructure and frequent "long lines" for more rural properties in the Algarve we often here from people with unacceptable internet performance. With line of sight to a cell tower, mobile broadband can often out perform a troublesome fixed line service - also, to improve service, you can be a master of your own destiny via an antenna installation rather than wait on hold and hope Portugal Telecom can provide a solution.


Requirement to provide family safe internet or prevent misuse of the internet
An important considerable for those renting our their properties but also peace of mind for those holidaying with their families. There are so many internet connected devices that trying to lock down everyone's kit is an arduous and complicated process (plus your kids probably know more than you do!). Algarve Connect are able to offer a Family Safe configured router that will block adult content, fraudulent/phishing, or proxy avoidance sites - locking down the router in this way ensures all connected devices in the house are protected. We offer this service for free with any 4G router purchase. (no internet access information is stored or collected by this service - find out more about Family Safe internet here)