Algarve Home / Office Networking Solutions

If you have a requirement for network design and installation in the Algarve, please contact Dragonfly Networks. A specialist network installation company who can design, supply and install networks/internet in New Build properties, offices, multi-user developments, remote building/office. Using the latest enterprise grade equipment they specialise in centrally managed wireless networks, IPTV, wireless bridges, ip cameras and internal networking.

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With the rapid change in ownership and usage of personal connected devices (smartphones, tablets etc), many in the Algarve are now finding their home wireless/ wired networks struggling to keep up with the way we now use the internet. Perhaps you are reliant solely on your Portugal Telecom wireless router stuck away in the downstairs cupboard? Do you get frequent network drop outs? Are you seeing slow internet when many devices are connected? Are there rooms in the house with zero wireless signal?

Many holiday makers to the Algarve are looking to rent villas and apartments with internet connection however the real life requirements of your guests may not be met with your current set-up. Can you use a smartphone by the pool or when sat in the garden? Does your network extend to all guest bedrooms? Can your equipment cope with the potential volume of IT equipment people now bring on holiday (iphones, smartphones, ipads, ipods, wireless speakers, tablets, laptops, Kindles, smart watches, the list is certainly NOT going to stop growing!!!)?

Wireless Signal Coverage problems in the Algarve

Visitors or new residents to the Algarve may have noticed that the little wireless internet router (usually an ADB box from Portugal Telecom) provides rather limited wireless connectivity in some cases.

The main reason for this is good old-fashioned thick Portuguese concrete walls full of reinforcing steel and coated in inch thick concrete render- wireless signals don't like walls, especially solid thick ones. Add to this your concrete floors and its no surprise the wireless signal needs a little boost

The ADB router itself isn't actually too bad but wireless technologies have change alot in the past few years. Naturally Portugal Telecom (now MEO) are reluctant to provide different equipment as it presents a big support headache (and support isnt exactly their strong point in the first place!). The best thing to do is keep the existing MEO router - if you have a problem its easier for MEO to fault find - but everything beyond the router in your house can be added and configured to your specific requirements/environment.

Extend and improve your internet performance without building work

You'll be glad to hear that, using a combination of wireless devices and equipment that uses the existing mains electrical wiring, we can improve internet coverage and performance without knocking holes in the wall!

There no doubt that the best performance can be achieved with network wiring so if you are building a new extension or a new house then contact Dragonfly Networks as they can install wiring, wall ports, switches etc along with other 1st and 2nd fix installations.

Use existing equipment

Where possible we will use your current equipment (and anything you might have laying around that you are unsure how to use!) and possibly reconfigure or re-site to get the best performance without buying unnecessary extra kit. Even if you think you have had the equipment a few years, alot of the D-Link wireless and wired networking equipment we provide is backward compatible and interoperable with other vendor equipment.

You will be surprised by the performance difference between properly configured devices and something you just plugged in and seemed to work.... this is especially true with wireless extending equipment where many variables exist with operating modes and channel selection.

Qualified technicians, top spec equipment

In addition to the DLINK products, Dragonfly Networks stock and supply networking equipment usually only found in the enterprise world - whereas these devices are not "plug and play" for your average DIYer or computer/apple support technician they are designed to be super robust and reliable - the performance of these devices can often dwarf that offered by off-the-shelf solutions at a surprisingly comparable cost when installed by experts.


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