VOIP UK Phone Number

Algarve-Connect are able to supply the hardware and account to make and receive phone calls from a a UK phone number using your internet connection. Useful for letting agents and other business operators in the Algarve who require a UK presence or wish to present customers with UK contact numbers - its free to receive calls on your phone and it will not cost your customers anymore to contact you despite being in Portugal.

We also have a number of residential customers in Portugal who have a UK phone number to speak to friends and family - check out the call rates below, keeping in contact overseas can be unbelievably cheap with many destinations less that 1p per minute (dial a Singapore Mobile number for 0.66p per minute!). Want to speak to your bank/insurance company etc in the UK, now you can use the freephone contact number just like you would if you were calling from the UK.

This is not Skype - our equipment will connect you directly to a server in the UK connected straight into the UK telephone network and beyond. This is the same technology used by huge international call centres, the efficiency and evolution of this technology means you will be able to have a phone conversation without lag over a normal broadband or mobile internet connection


Choose any UK geographic dialing code - your customers/friends/family dial a UK phone number and pay no more than usual to speak to you in Portugal

Available or any internet connection, no need for a computer/laptop to be connected

UK Phone number for £2.99 per month - no minimum account requirements, no contract

FAX to EMAIL service - £2.99 per month

Use a normal phone handset (including cordless) - no connection to a computer required

UK Landline calls from 0.5p per minute (unlimited landline calls on £6.50 per month)

No contract - cancel the account anytime you wish

Either PAY-AS-YOU-GO online topup call credit or automatic top up (no contractual obligation)

Benefit from Free calls to UK 0800, 0500 and 0808 prefix

Transfer your existing UK phone number

Example Call Rate

UK (non mobile) from 0.5p per minute

UK Mobile from 8p per minute

USA 0.9p per minute

Canada 0.61p per minute

Spain (non mobile) 0.93p per minute

Ireland (non mobile) from 0.75p per minute

Australia (non mobile) from 0.94p per minute

Australia (mobile) from 11p per minute

Algarve Businesses

Do you operate a business in the Algarve with UK customers? Do you operate a UK business but are based part time or full time in the Algarve? Click here for our solutions suitable for you.


Algarve Residents

Keep in contact with friends and family with a UK phone number in Portugal, benefit from UK Freephone rates when conducting your UK affairs, cheap overseas calls, to find out more click here...