Business UK Phone

Algarve Connect can provide you with a single UK number business phone package for connection via a single IP phone (see our shop for handset options) or from multiple phones to the same phone number routing call via a hunt group. Alternatively, for larger established companies we can provide a multiple number solution where your organisation has a block of continuous numbers in your chosen area code - calls to each number are absolutely free.

You can accept phone call anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection

Intelligent call routing allows you to easily configure call forwarding to your mobile when you are out-and-about or even ring BOTH deskphone AND your mobile when a call comes in. The "time and day" routing system allows you to specify how to handle normal and out-of-hours calls separate (sending to voicemail, playing a recorded message or forwarding to an OOO on-call number etc). The time and day routing wizard is easy to use and has UK public holiday already programmed into the system.



Maximum Number of connected VOIP phones 1 5 10
Incoming UK Phone Numbers 1* 1* 1
Number of Huntgroups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Voicemail Boxes 1 5 10
Calls to UK Landlines p/min 1p /0.5p (peak/off peak)
Calls to UK Mobiles p/min 8.5p /8p (peak/off peak)


* Extras      
5 Incoming UK Telephone Numbers   +£4 p/month
10 Incoming UK Telephone Numbers   +£10 p/month
Unlimited UK landline calls     £6.50 p/month
Unlimited UK landline calls + 200 UK mobile mins     £24 p/month
Unlimited UK landline calls + 500 UK mobile mins     £43 p/month


Any UK Geographic Dialing Code
When you set up a new account with Algarve Connect, you can chose from ANY UK dialiing code and a huge choice of telephone numbers within that geographic area. Whether you need to support a local client base in Cornwall with a Newquay 01637 number, or have a presence in the City of London with an 0207 prefix, the choice is yours for only #2.99 per month.
If you wish to transfer over an existing business number, click here for more details or contact Algarve Connect directly to discuss the process.

Non-Geographic Numbers available
For no extra cost you can select an 0845 or - these number can often prove invaluable to support a UK-wide customer base

Interactive Menus to route customer calls
The Call Director
feature (IVR) allows you to route incoming telephone calls via interactive voice menus so external customers easily be connected to the correct department, presenting a professional customer facing contact number and saving time and effort of manually transferring calls.

Super Cheap Overseas Call Rates
The major benefit of using voice over internet (VOIP) is the potential to call anywhere in the world for unbeleiveable low cost. The wholesale passing of data (incluing internet, voice and private network) between countries has become extremely inexpensive and, because voice data traffic is relatively so small, the cost savings can be realised by the end user.

Check out some of the internal call rates - most of which are less than 1p per minute, even when calling a mobile phone in another country!

Click here for our full internal call price list

Fax-to-Email Service - click here for more info directly from SOHO66

Free Voicemail - never miss a call with our fully configurable voice mail system, including PIN protection, VoiceMail notfications sent via email

Other enterprise grade telephone features:

  • Call Recording - including a searchable archive with unlimited storage for 6 years.
  • Call Forwarding - with call delivery assurance, ensuring the call is answered by a person rather than a voicemail system
  • Line Number Display - useful if you have multiple VOIP UK phone numbers to tell you which number a customer has called.
  • Call Transfer - bother attended and blind transfer3 way call conferencing
  • Hunt Groups - incolugin allowing an incoming call to ring on multiple phones at the same time - including forward to mobiles and other landlines all at the same time
  • Music whilst ringing/on hold
  • Call Whisper
  • Call Waiting/ Caller ID

Virtual Receptionist Services available

Payment in arrears by Direct Debit or prepay via Credit/Debit Card