Moving to Portugal?

Are you thinking of moving from the UK to Portugal either on a permanent or temporary basis? Will you have to give up your UK Landline Phone Number?

You may be interested in knowing that it is possible for Algarve Connect to arrange for you to take your UK Landline Number with you over to Portugal - this service can be provided at no extra cost, just sign up for our no contract phone service for just £2.99 per month.

This could be a very important consideration if you are running a business in the UK that you hope to continue in Portugal. Algarve Connect have a number of clients who still require a "presence" in the UK but are based on a full or part time basis in Portugal. Having a UK phone number can add a level of confidence to your UK client base when continuing to deal with your company, it also makes it much easier when dealing with banks, accountants, HMRC etc to provide and maintain UK contact details.

For our residential users, keeping your phone number should make staying in contact with friends and relatives much easier as they will be able to call you on the same UK telephone number you have always had without worrying about the cost of calling abroad. You will also find that administration of accounts and contacts with various UK institutions will be more straightforward when calling from a UK phone number. Don't forget that a UK phone number provided by Algarve Connect will also benefit from being able to call UK Freephone and "local rate" numbers (0800, 0808 etc) - this provides further cost savings and peace of mind as you transition your affairs over to Portugal.

How does it work?
This process is known as "porting" your phone number from a provider (eg British Telecom) and many of you may be familiar with this process when changing mobile phone provider and retaining your mobile number. Our process is almost exactly the same except we port your UK phone number to our UK VOIP Service Provider (SOHO66). When someone dials your UK phone number, instead of the call routing onto the BT network, it routes onto our VOIP server (provided by SOHO66 - a leading UK small business telecoms provider) and rings through onto your VOIP phone in Portugal.

What if i want to change my phone provider at a later date?
If you decide to change your phone provider away from Algarve Connect (provided by SOHO66) in the future, you will be able to port your number away from SOHO66 onto the network of your new provider with no exit fees.