Residential UK Phone

Stay in touch with the UK - your friends and family can call your UK phone number just like a normal phone number which will ring through onto your handset here in Portugal - no concerns about the costs of making overseas calls.

Make calls using a normal phone handset - no need for your computer to be on like Skype. We have a selection of handsets including cordless phones in our shop.

No Contract - for only £2.99 a month you cancel your UK phone number anytime you like.

Pay-as-you-go Call Credit - choose to prepay by credit/debit card or pay by arrears by Direct Debit.

Free Voicemail - never miss a call and receive an email when someone has left a message.

Free calls to other Algarve Connect VOIP Numbers - if you friends and family (anywhere in the world) sign up for this service, calls to each other are completely free - all for only £2.99 a month!

Select Any UK Dialing Code - from Cornwall to Cumbria choose any geographic code you want.

Free Calls to UK Freephone Numbers - make administration of your UK affairs easier by calling UK Freephone and Low Cost numbers from your Algarve Connect VOIP Phone. No need to worry about the cost of calling a UK number and the potential length of the call.

Cheap international calls - stay in contact with overseas friends and family, many destinations (including mobile phones) for less than 1p per minute!

All you need is an internet connection - plug your pre-configured phone from Algarve Connect into your internet router and begin to make and receive UK calls immediately.

Moving to Portugal? - it should be possible to keep your UK phone number and make and recieve calls from the same number here in Portugal- click here for more details.

How does it work?

Algarve Connect use the services of a UK VOIP Company called SOHO66 who specialise in providing telephone services using the internet for residential and small businesses. The technology is the same used by huge international call centres so the call quality and useability are massively better than Skype or similar services. Click here to learn more.


The Process:

1) Click here to begin the sign up process with SOHO66 - here you will choose your telephone dialing code and number.
2) Once you have completed the process with SOHO66 then you can choose one of the phone handsets in our shop - we will then pre-configure the phone and send it out to you by free delivery. (If you wish to use an existing handset that you prefer or to save money then select to buy the GrandStream Phone Adapter).
3) Follow the instructions and plug the phone handset into your internet router and you will be able to make and receive UK phone calls straight away.