Infinity NFT 2N

High performance dual-radio, dual-band indoor AP

Dual-radio 802.11N design
2.4 and 5 GHz frequency
3x3 MiMo support delivering 450 Mbps data rate on a single radio
Integrated omni-directional antennas
Fast dedicated Qualcomm Atheros CPU
Powerful operating system
802.3 at power over Ethernet standard support
Free NMS (WNMS - Wireles Network Management System)

LigoWave dual-radio / dual-frequency access point is a perfect solution for crowded and noisy environments.


The Infinity NFT 2N is a high-performance dual-radio access point from LigoWave, equipped with two 3x3 MiMo 802.11N
radios operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands concurrently. A dedicated Qualcomm Atheros AR9558 CPU (700 MHz)
makes this access point ideal for faster connectivity and high capacity demanding applications (450 Mbps radio rate).
The 802.3at power over Ethernet standard supports easy and quick deployment using PoE switches.
The dual-radio indoor access point runs the Infinity OS - a
highly functional and easy to use operating system. This
powerful and flexible operating system ensures flawless
operation of LigoWave hardware devices and effortless
setup for those deploying the networks.
Responsive HTML 5 based GUI
256 concurrent clients
16 virtual networks (SSID+VLAN)
IPv6 support
WNMS compatible
WNMS is a FREE enterprise grade Wireless Network
Management System. A single software solution simplifies
a large number of management and monitoring tasks for
the network administrator. LigoWave’s comprehensive
network management system supports several thousand
of nodes. Multiple networks may be maintained and
monitored using one server. A rich feature set helps to
diagnose network problems effectively, visualize networks
on a map, perform scheduled firmware upgrades
automatically, track states of devices, get failure alerts,
and collect statistics. The Web-based system environment
supports multi-user accounts. Several administrators can
manage different networks on the same server, without
having access to each other’s equipment. WNMS is
available as a stand-alone version for Linux and Windows
servers, as a cloud-based system and as a mobile
application for Android devices.