Welcome to the Algarve Connect Online Shop - supplying tried and tested 3G, 4G Mobile Internet and Wireless Equipment including routers, access points, wireless bridges, antennas and adapters all with FREE DELIVERY to the Algarve. You will also find our selection of access point, long range wireless and 4G equipment packages providing a complete solution to provide internet in remote locations or where a physical phone line is not available.

Algarve Connect also supply everything you need to operating a UK phone here in Portugal (or in fact anywhere in the world) - we can supply you with handsets (including cordless phones) and adapters to get your UK phone number connected over the internet. The can be provided with your UK phone account set up (no contract required) and the equipment pre-configured - all you have to do is plug it in to your existing internet router.

Algarve Connect have teamed up with SoHo66 to provide a service to Algarve residents and business who require a UK phone number to carry out business or stay in touch - all for only £2.99 a month!

Click on the link below and you will be sent to the SoHo66.co.uk website where you can begin the sign up process. Remember there is no contract to sign up to as you will pay for the service and call credit upfront (an auto-top-up option is available for added convenience). Select your UK phone number (ALL geographic dialing codes available along with non-geographic 0845 numbers) OR transfer your existing UK phone number - perfect if you are moving to Portugal!

We will provide you with a preconfigured IP phone (see VOIP Phones) or adapter for you to plug into your internet router. This service will work with ANY internet router not just the mobile internet routers supplied by us - ideally your internet download speed should be no less than 2Mbps although we have experience of providing an excellent voice service at half this download speed. Your IP phone then connects to the SoHo66 servers which, in turn, are connected directly into the UK telephone network.


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Transfer your existing Uk Phone Number

Free Voicemail

Free Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-way calling

Receive an email notification when Voicemail has been received

Call forwarding available

Fax to email service available

Other services available: Virtual receptionist, Call delivery assurance,

Calls to UK landlines (peak/off peak per min) - 1p / 0.5p

Calls to UK Mobiles (peak/off peak per min) - 8.5p / 8p


Available inclusive calls plans

Unlimited UK landline calls +£6.50
Unlimited UK landline calls + 200 UK mobile mins +£24
Unlimited UK landline calls + 500 UK mobile mins +£43
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