Algarve Connect are pleased to announce we are now a distributor of Poynting mobile broadband aerials and antennas. We are now able to supply the full range of antennas on offer from the official Poynting Europe website ( - 3G and 4G, external and internal mountable anetnnas and smaller signal boosters are all available.

Current Poynting Aerial range:

XPOL-A0001 Cross Polarised All Band Omnidirectional LTE Antenna

XPOL-A0002 Cross Polarised High-Gain LTE Panel Antenna (8dBi)

LPDA-A0092 High-Gain All Band LTE/3G/GSM Antenna with Cable (11dBi)

OMNI-A0121-V3 All Band GSM/LTE Omnidirectional Antenna (2.4dBi)

OMNI-A0039-05 All Band GSM/3G/LTE Cellular Blade Antenna (2.5dBi)

OMNI-A0232 All Band Omni GSM/3G/LTE Puck Antenna (3dBi)

LPDA-A0020 All band GSM/3G/LTE Low Profile Directional Antenna (8dBi)

PANL-A0038 3G/GSM Directional High Gain Window Antenna (11dBi)

XPOL-A0004 All Band Dual Polarised  Ceiling Mount LTE Antenna

OMNI-A0069-V3 All Band GSM/3G/LTE High-Gain Cellular Omni Antenna

Dont forget all antennas and aerials from Algarve Connect come with free delivery from our online shop.