Do you have a 3G or 4G dongle without an external antenna but need to improve your mobile internet signal?

This situation is common with devices designed to provide a PORTABLE 3G or 4G mobile internet connection. These dongles are cool because they are often unlocked allowing a user to purchase any network providers SIM card and start using the internet - they are popular with holidaymakers, mobile salesmen, caravanners etc however the one major drawback is the lack of external connector(s) to attach a signal improving antenna to ensure the fastest 3G or 4G internet possible.

Devices like:

Huawei E220
Huawei E226
TP-Link 5350
TP-Link 5360

Luckily Algarve Connect stock the Poynting ADPT-024 Antenna adapter that can solve this issue. Note this device only works on the single channel 3G network bands (serving up to 14.4Mbps internet speed). The adapter fixes onto your dongle, couples with the internal antenna and diverts the signal through the adapter, from here you can connect a suitable 3G antenna via SMA connector (any antenna from Algarve Connect will fit) and you should see a considerable improvement in internet speed without having to purchase a new router!

4g 3g adapter for usb dongles without external antenna connector

If you want a suitable antenna that is also portable, we suggest considering the blade antenna.

If you can permanently mount an antenna and are looking for the best internet speeds possible then we would suggest the

All the antennas from Algarve Connect support both 3G and 4G frequencies so, if your device currently only receives a 3G signal, then your antenna will still be able to deliver the same improvement in internet speed when you/your network provider upgrades the signal to 4G (LTE) in your area.