With all the amazing information and opportunities the internet presents there is also content that you would rather prevent access to - we can help. Algarve Connect can offer one of our 4G routers pre-configured to block adult websites - this service is offered free of charge, just plug in the router and your internet connection will be protected with no further configuration necessary.

Unfortunately the Internet Service Providers do not filter this type of content by default - doing so would cause them an increase in customer service calls to ask "why is xyz.com blocked" etc etc so it's up to us to do something about it. Fortunately we can provide a simple and powerful solution.

This feature is proving increasing popular for Algarve holiday home owners wishing to provide internet for their paying guests - holiday makers requirements for internet connectivity whilst abroad is becoming the norm, this way you can be confident you have taken all the steps possible to prevent misuse of your internet connection. Also, offering this service to families can act as an additional feature of booking your villa over a competitor.

Many parents will admit that their children know more about the internet than they do - selecting the Family Safe option from Algarve Connect will give you the peace of mind that regardless of the device in use, everything is protected including your children's Playstation, Xbox, Smart Phone, iPad, tablet, Wii, DS, laptop (wow that is a long list!!).

The content filter is constantly being updated with new sites, also the Family Safe configuration will block phishing and identity theft websites - all for free with no complicated configuration

What about proxy sites?
You've heard that, by using a proxy site, people can bypass content filters - our Family Safe configuration also blocks these sites removing another backdoor around the filtering.

(note: no data is logged following a request to access a blocked website)