As of Monday 20th October, Vodafone have officially launched their 4G+ service in Portugal. Using LTE-Advanced technology they can offer a service with data transfer speeds of 300Mbps! That 3 times faster than the transfer rate of an ethernet cable,,,,, The technology uses the existing 4G frequencies but uses multiple frequency bands to transfer more data at the same time. Currently coverage is only in selected areas of Lisbon and Porto. We should expect to see this technology heading down to the Algarve probably next year - also we should hope to see the MEO and NOS networks offering the same 4G+ speeds and technologies at competitive prices. In our opinion this massive advancement in mobile internet transfer speeds SHOULD have a promising knock on effect with regards to download limits (MEO subscriptions) and service impairing traffic shaping (experience on the NOS network). If you are offering a 4G+ LTE Advanced technology that can download 1GB of data in 30 seconds, then surely you have to offer truly unlimited subscriptions without traffic shaping down to 2/3Mbps at peak times (seen on the NOS "unlimited" 4G subscriptions). If in the Algarve we can achieve speeds even close to 100Mbps over mobile internet without restrictions, there will finally be a viable and reliable solution for IPTV users. Bearing in mind that ADSL users in the Algarve rarely see over 5Mbps download speeds, with the implementation of 4G+ 300Mbps technologies, mobile broadband speeds now exceed the speeds offered from CABLE internet telephone companies. Again this is only good news. If you choose between upgrading centralised cell towers to handle 4G+ traffic versus digging up roads to lay cables to connect individual developments or dwellings, its easy to see where the money is best spent.