MEO 15GB for EUR15

MEO's new terms and conditions are out for 2015 (extract above) - hidden within the small print (presumably they will announce the change with their upcoming after Christmas marketing promotions) is a change the the mobile broadband data limit operation.

Previously. mobile broadband internet customers with MEO had to choose a fixed monthly download limit of 15GB or 30GB, after this limit was hit the customers internet speeds were reduced to 128Kbps (enough to browse the web / view emails etc) until the end of the month. This proved a concern for some in the Algarve especially those who use the internet to watch TV or connect an IPTV system to.

MEO have changed the procedure ever-so-slightly but the change represents a good opportunity to 3G and 4G mobile internet customers in the Algarve and the rest of Portugal. Now, if you hit your download limit in the middle of the month, you can purchase extra data of up to 15GB for EUR15 (added to your monthly direct debit bill) - a bit more flexibility for someone who normally uses under the download limit but has strayed over for whatever reason, also an opportunity for those who want the fastest 4G internet with concerns about a monthly data limit.

We speak to alot of people on the NOS network who have "unlimited" data usage but who also report speed dropping to 2-3Mbps every evening. In our experience the MEO network is superior in speed, 4G coverage and suffers less speed issues in the evening. Potentially you can get 45GB on the MEO network for EUR55 per month (30GB MEGA tariff for EUR39.99 per month, plus the option for an additional 15GB if the need arises) - this might be more than EUR25 per month for "unlimited NOS" however constant buffering of TV and video streams gets boring after a while - like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

We recently did a test to see how much data watching UK TV via FilmOn uses (see our FAQ here)..... we worked out that 5 hours of continuous viewing used 1GB of traffic. So if we have 45GB of monthly traffic, this represents 225 hours of FilmOn TV - that 7.5 hours of TV a day per month....

Hopefully, this is a step forward to MEO coming up with an "unlimited" usage 4G package.... watch this space!