Updated September 2016 (we've had a few customers using their own equipment whilst on holiday who were unable to connect to MEO without APN information - the most likely problem is WRONG APN configuration left in your device settings from a previous network - always remember to check and remove APN info for MEO)

If you already have a network unlocked router or are thinking of buying one, you may need to add APN or dial configuration to the router settings to access 3G or 4G mobile internet in Portugal. Depending on the network provider and the brand of router you may or may not need this config:

Vodafone PT

Usually the connection to the Vodafone 4G / 3G mobile internet network WILL require APN configuration but usually not any "dial" settings, try these:

APN: internet.vodafone.pt (or net2.vodafone.pt)

ZON - this network uses the Vodafone infrastructure.

APN: internet.zon.pt (or try Vodafone PT APN)


MEO (formerly TMN / Portugal Telecom)

generally devices will not need additional configuration to connect to the MEO 4G/3G mobile internet network - often you can leave APN setting blank and you will connect ok, if not try:

APN: internet


NOS (formerly Optimus)

APN: myconnection; or umts;

NOS aka Kanguru

APN: kanguru-portatil - mobile tariff
APN: kangurufixo - fixed tariff
APN: kanguru-tempo - prepaid tariff

Kanguru Individuals = kanguru4g.prtoppara

Kanguru Business = kanguru4g-corp.prtop

WOW (now NOS)

APN: blank
(dial *99#)