Are you suffering from slow internet in the evening - is it getting worse in the summer?

Are you trying to use IPTV on the NOS network (or other carriers) and suffering from buffering?

We've been speaking to a lot of people about this problem.

I just ran a speed test from a mini DLINK DWR-932 mifi router without any antennas from my kitchen table. Here are the results


slow internet in the evening portugal

Now, I am the first to admit that this speedtest is hardly scientific........We are thinking of putting together a massive inter-network test to get to the bottom of this slowness in the NOS (and potentially other) networks - contact us if you are interested in participating or if you suffer the same slow NOS internet at certain times (in the evening).... especially IPTV users.

I would also love to hear from any NOS internet / iptv users who dont experience slowness in the evening so we can look into possible causes and, ultimately, remedies......