Finally MEO have updated their seriously out of date Pay as You Go 4G / 3G tariffs, they always used to run the 15GB deal in the summer but alot of users want the flexibility of buying data in bulk for other times of the year. Good News.

As a rule of thumb, MEO have probably the fastest and most reliable network in any given area of Portugal - obviously there will be exceptions here.

The new PAYG tariffs are called TIME and ENJOY - usually MEO mobile internet SIMs come preactivated on the TIME tariff so anyone wanting to change will have to head into a shop or call MEO to get it swapped over. This is a great way to buy a chunky amount of 4G data on a good network.

Its only been a couple of months since Vodafone changed their PAYG tariffs and they were offering the best deals, the mobile internet market moves fast in Portugal hence why we recommend purchasing an unlocked router to take advantage of the latest offers.