Rumours surrounding the release of Chromecast 2 have been doing the rounds all year - the Chromecast 2 stick should prove of great interest to users in Spain and Portugal looking for a longer term internet TV solution than the current Mag250/254 kit. 9to5Google suggest an internal Google document leaked to them indicate a release this month (September 2015) - given the success of Chromecast One and other manufacturers solutions we think a pre Christmas 2015 release is a good bet

The Chromecast One had a major draw back - you had to stream from another device to the stick itself, this put it at a disadvantage to the Amazon Fire stick and ROKU streaming kit which has its own user interface (favoured by the majority of non-techy TV users) - rumour has it that Chromecast 2 now supports a user interface + remote control app effectively making any TV "Smart". Also rumored is provision of WIFI over the fastest and lower latency 5GHZ channels - these channels are far less congested than the 2.4Ghz channel and should provide superior performance to the Amazon and ROKU offerings. Other rumoured upgrades include more RAM (faster browsing plus gaming opportunities) and high-def support (possibly 4K - this seems less likely at present).

Couple all this with being backed by Google - this is the main potential benefit to the Chromecast system. As content over the internet develops to a number of different core providers (Netflix, NowTV, iPLayer etc), you will need a device that can access as many content providers as possible this is where the Chromecast 2 stick should triumph.

More to come as and when we hear!